The Football Trials: 4-Book Bundle (Paperbacks)



Suitable for Children 12+ with reading age of 9+

The Football Trials Series


More Books for Struggling & Reluctant Readers

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The Football Trials is 4-book series aimed supporting children who are reluctant or struggling readers.

Each football-themed book is written in a very accessible manner which is sure to  grip the interest of children.

They are also suitable for children with dyslexia – each book is printed on tinted paper and features dyslexia-friendly fonts and illustrations.

Suitable for Children 12+ with reading age of 9+

The 4 books in this Bundle:

The Football Trials: Kick Off

Jackson is a wiz at football… absolute wiz!

When a scout from United spots him in the park, he might just get the chance to make his way out of his high-rise tower block & into the premier league.

BUT Jackson isn’t sure if he’ll fit even fit in …or be able to control his temper.

The Football Trials: Game Changer

Jackson is absolutely shocked when he gets a call-up to play for United’s under-18 team!

Lots of people are also raving about his football skills.

He’s in for an even bigger shock when his long-lost dad appears on his doorstep for the first time in years!

Would it be possible to fix their relationship or does his dad have another motive?

The Football Trials: All Out Attack

Jackson’s football suffers as his granddad is taken to hospital.

His position on United’s team is put at risk after he loses his temper on the pitch.

Follow Jackson as he struggles with the trials affecting his family and his football.

The Football Trials: Dangerous Games

Things are finally going great for Jackson!

He’s finally signed for United and at last gets to go out with Lauren, the girl of his dreams.

Things take a turn when Laura’s ex-boyfriend finds out….Jackson must choose between her and  his United team mates.

The question is….has he still got what it takes to make it as a professional footballer?


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