3 Rugby-Themed Hi-Low Books for Struggling & Reluctant Readers



 Reading Ages 8 | Interest Ages 9

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A Ruby-theme trilogy featuring students from Brookland school.

All of their parents serve in the armed forces and war in the middle east is a strong possibility.

When Woody, a new student, finds it difficult coping with being separated from his parents, he discovers one thing which gives him enormous strength…RUGBY!

Key features of each book in this bundle:an 

  • dyslexia-friendly layout
  • dyslexia-friendly typeface
  • dyslexia-friendly paper
  • edited to the reading age indicated for each title

Books in this bundle:

All three books in the trilogy are aimed at reading a age of 8 and an Interest Age of 9+

Rugby Academy: Combat Zone

Borderlands is a unique educational institution where all the students have parents serving in the armed forces.

With the UK on the brink of conflict in the Middle East, the atmosphere is tense.

Woody, a newcomer, longs to leave the school and reunite with his father at the military base. Unfortunately, his dad has been deployed and is no longer there.

Filled with worry and sadness, Woody finds solace and strength in the sport of rugby, which becomes his guiding light during this challenging time.

Rugby Academy: Surface to Air

The imminent arrival of the European Championships is overshadowed by distressing updates from the war zone, making it challenging for Borderlands to concentrate on the task at hand.

Rugby Academy: Deadlock

The Borderlands squad has successfully reached the World Championships, but concerns about their parents who are serving abroad are causing stress within the team.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to focus on the match, and winning seems like a distant possibility.








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