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The Womb to World CD comprises soothing womb sounds and white noise to lull, calm and induce sleep.

The Baby Sense Womb to World CD was conceived by Megan Faure, co-author of Baby Sense, and birthed by William Gets, musician and father with a passion for sensory nurturing of babies.

It encompasses the perfect sounds combined to promote sleep and calm in your new baby. Blended white noise, in combination with womb sounds, transport your baby back to the last comforting days in the womb.

White noise induces sleep and results in a deeper sleep state. While listening to white noise, your baby will sleep more peacefully and for longer periods without waking.

Womb sounds and white noise calms babies by taking them back to the familiar sounds of the womb. Playing white noise at a volume similar to the baby’s cry will limit colic episodes.


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