Giraffes Can’t Dance : A Magical Road to Self-Awareness

1 Minute to Read -

Giraffes Can't Dance Front CoverGiraffes Can’t Dance is a real treasure that teaches toddlers and pre-school learners that appearances can be deceptive and we must look past ‘what’s on the outside’.

Get past this book’s cover and you and your child would find yourselves on a magical road to self awareness.

A great tool for discussing all forms of pre-conceptions with children or just a wonderfully funny read!!

The colourful illustrations bring this story to life and helps your child to develop a bond with the giraffe. Your child should begin to understand that not everything is what it appears to be initially.

Giraffes Can't Dance Inner Page 2

Giraffes Can’t Dance  is great for use with toddlers and preschool Learners. It is particularly useful as part  of EYFS Personal Social & Emotional Development (Managing feelings and behaviour)

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