Inside the Human Body (Resource of the Week)

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Learning about the human body should play an important role in our children’s development.  If they learn about how the body functions, that could sow the seeds of living a healthy life.

Inside the Human Body - Main Article Picture

‘See Inside the human Body’ is an ingeniously- designed book which will enable your child to quickly grasp what an amazing ‘piece of kit’ the body is.

This hardcover book is divided into the following sections:

  • Skeleton
  • Circulation and the Lungs
  • Digestion
  • The Brain
  • Muscles
  • Protecting the Body

Each section has a double-page spread consisting of clear and colourful illustrations and a translucent outline which you can place against a white background enabling you to see the finer details of that particular part of the body. 

As your child works their way through the book, they are able to place layers on top of each other, ultimately gaining an excellent understanding of the inside of the human body.

See Inside the Human Body (Hard Back) Internal

This book starts with the outline of the skeleton. They can view the skeleton in isolation by placing the translucent outline against the white background.

Inside the Human Body (Resource of the Week) 1 inside the human body skeleton

Once your child learns about the Skeleton , they can then move on to learning about Circulation and the Lungs.

Again they can begin by adding the translucent outline of the Circulation system and the lungs to the white background  to see them in isolation.

Indie the Human Body - Circulation and the Lungs

Then you can add the Add image of the Circulation system and the lungs to previous slide .

Circulation and Skeleton Combination

Your child then moves on to learning about the digestive system,

Again they could see how the digestive system looks in isolation

Inside the Human Body - Digestive System

Then they could see how it looks with the previous sections add slide of Skeleton, Circulation and the Lungs & Digestion

Skeleton, Circulation, Digestive System Combination

Your child moves on to learning about the nervous system

 Following the above pattern, they can see the nervous system in isolation.

Indside the Human Body - Nervous System

Before seeing how it looks when added to the previous sections.

Inside the Human Body (Resource of the Week) 2 inside the human body image combination4

Your child then moves on to leaning about muscles before they finally learn about the amazing ways the body protects itself via the lymphatic system.

This book could go a long way to fostering your child’s interest in the inner workings of their body.

Finally, your child could then put all the slides together to get a full picture of the inside of their body.

Inside the Human body -Combination 5

You never know, it could also be the start of their interest in anatomy and related subjects.

‘ See Inside the Human Body’ is Available at our Online Store

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