Kids Ditch the Screens….Head Outdoors & Get Dirty!

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With such glorious weather, it’s now time for the kids to put down their ipads and head outdoors!!

Struggling to keep them occupied when they eventually drag themselves outdoors?

Fear not, we’ve got two fantastic resources to keep your little ones active and occupied for days on end!!

Go wild- Be a Tracker!

Go Wild Be a Tracker (Paperback) Front Cover

This title is jampacked with outdoor activities for your kids such as:

  • Honing animal tracking skills – ranging from studying bird tracks to learning poo clues and laying trails
  • Hunting and catching creepy crawlies- there are millions of bugs out there!! Learn how to find and create homes for them.
  • Making a wormery – your little ones will follow step-by-step instructions to make a wormery and observe worms at work in the soil
  • Keeping and racing snails – kids will learn how to collect and keep snails on their own snail farm….and why not let them hold a snail race while they’re at it?

Science in the Garden

Garden Science (Instant Download)

This downloadable title does exactly what it says on the cover!!

It’s brim-full with practical science activities children, 7 – 10 Years old, can do in their garden.

It’s also suitable for use at summer clubs & schools.

Each activity is backed up by teachers’ notes to help kids get the most out of each activity.

We even provide you with the answers to each activity just in case you need them!!

Some of the activities in this fantastic instantly downloadable resource are:

  • Snack Attack – children will learn how spiders use their body parts to trap & eat their prey.
  • Extraordinary Earthworms – helps children to understand how earthworms play an important role in keeping our soils and plants healthy and how this affects humans.
  • Making a boot planter  – children will explore suitable materials that can be recycled to make a variety of containers for plants.

The activities in this resource help children to develop the vital skills of observing, collecting and recording information about living and non-living things all while having fun outdoors.

Our Outdoor Activities Range

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