Maths Rescue Book 2 – Measurement, Chance & Data (Instant Download)



Suitable for Aged 11 +

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Maths Rescue is a series of 3 books aimed at pupils aged 11 + who are struggling with maths concepts. The series covers written calculations,  application, measurement, chance & data.

The main focus is on reinforcement of the basics in maths, as well as providing activities aimed at developing understanding of classroom activities in mathematics.

Students struggling with maths experience the following:

  • trouble with personal organisation with their schoolwork
  • Being able to sequence, recall and apply strategies in abstract situations
  • Difficulties with word recognition and comprehensionCoping with pages that are too cluttered and with too many differing requirements
  • Striving to process formation – while working to meet deadlines

This book covers: Measurement, Chance & Data and addresses the above difficulties.

No of pages : 52

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