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Every child’s experience of learning to count should be fun! Done correctly, your child will soon be counting from 1 to 10 with great confidence.

Of course, it goes without saying, effective pre-school learning is done largely through play so teaching your child to count from 1 to 10 solely by rote could be disastrous for their future enjoyment of learning.ddddd

This is where MY 123 comes to the rescue!

It consists of a handy carry case containing 24 mini block books and a playboard.

Some of the mini block books are numbered from 1 -10.  Each book teaches your child what a particular number looks like and how many items make up that particular number.

My 123 Carry Case - Internal Image of Block Books

A double-sided playboard allows your child to put what they learn into practice.

One side provides ample opportunity for your child to learn sequencing from 1-10.

Once they’ve mastered that, you can then make the sequencing more challenging by asking them to fill in the missing alternate numbers.

The other side of the playboard provides the opportunity for your child to make their own sums.

Once your child is able to make their own sums, you can move on to giving them some of your own! You could even set a sum with the wrong answer and see if they’ll spot it 🙂

My 123 Carry Case -Make your Own Sums Image

The set also comes with block books containing the plus, minus and equal signs.

Each of these ‘sign’ books also provides ample learning opportunities for your child.

My 123 is a fantastic resource enabling you to teach your child to count from 1 to 10 while simultaneously allowing them to develop learning independence by being able to create their own sums.

Of course, you know your child best. As their confidence grows, this set gives you the opportunity to stretch their learning according to their ability.

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