Practical Science – Life & Living: 3 Book Bundle (Instant Downloads)


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This book is part of a series of three books, each containing a set of practical lessons, ideas and worksheets aimed at exploring the scientific area of Life and Living.

Learning activities for ages 6-8:

  • personal growth
  • body parts
  • basic needs
  • the interrelationship between animals and plants.
  • pets and food chains.
  • insect study
  • plant parts

Learning activities for ages 8-10:

  • the structure of trees
  • the effect of light on plants.
  • the animal kingdom and animal habitats
  • invertebrates
  • honey bees

Learning activities for ages 10-12:

  • the plant kingdom
  • plant comparisons
  • parts of a flower
  • ecosystems
  • animal extinction
  • the skeletal system
  • the eye.

Pupils will also develop a range of skills such as drawing and labelling diagrams, classifying living things, making and describing observations,  researching,  gathering data and conducting fair tests.

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