Reading Activities for Book & Stories (Instant Download)



Suitable for Ages 10 -12

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Remaining/Maximum Characters: 150/150


Sometimes our children are given a story to read and are required to do a summary or answer comprehension-type question.

Many children struggle because they do not understand the story. This book give parents the skills to help their children get the most out of what they have read.

The skills taught in this book will arm children with vital skills which they will be able use throughout their education and beyond.

The  activities in this book give children the ability to:

  • Explain the difference between a flat and main character
  • Compare different types of books
  • Understanding the effect time has on a story
  • Gain an understanding of how a character’s activities can be influenced by its environment
  • Understand the significance of different sentences lengths
  • Construct open questions

No of Pages: 56

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