Retro Reading Fun with Postman Pat, Bill & Ben & Rupert Bear

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We all hark back to the good old days from time to time.

We reminisce about all sorts of things ranging from the clothes we wore…mine are still horrific… to the tastes and smells of our childhood years.

Some of us reminisce about places we visited as kids as well as characters we were familiar with in books or on TV.

If you like sharing past memories with your kids, the characters featured in this post would be right down your street.

Let’s start with Postman Pat… I’m not going to sing the song!! (Bet you’re singing in your head!)

Postman Pat: Ted Glen

Postman Pat - Ted Glen

Pat, his son Julian and cat Jess deliver a parcel to local handyman Ted Glen.

They all can’t wait to see what’s in the parcel. Ted opens up the parcel to reveal a brand new drill!

Pat and Jess continue their deliveries while Julian stays behind to help Ted test out  the drill.

The trouble is, Ted doesn’t have any particular use for the drill. So decides to use it to invent a delivery machine to help Pat deliver his mail…

Retro Reading Fun with Postman Pat, Bill & Ben & Rupert Bear 1 postma pat ted glen internal image

The next day, Pat dutifully tries out the machine and completes his mail round…..with an hour to spare.

Both looking glum, Pat and Jess popped by to see Ted to let him know how efficient his new invention was.

Ted was confused as to why they both looked so glum. Pat pointed out that the machine worked perfectly but it took away his enjoyment of the job.

He missed saying hello to the villagers.

Ted eventually found a use for his invention….he gave it the Alf the farmer to help him harvest his apples.

I don’t mean to get heavy here but there is so much discussion which could be had around this book e.g modern technology affecting face to face communication etc…it’s not all positive!!

Other Titles in the Postman Pat Series:

  • Postman Pat: Boonie
  • Postman Pat: Merra Bains

Bill & Ben: A Night to Remember

Bill and Ben - A night to remember

Get ready for some flaba-wotsits!!

Bill & Ben the flower-pot-men popped by to see Slowcoach the tortoise.

Slowcoach was very cross about something.  Bill & Ben enquired and found out that he was cross because someone stole his spectacles.

Bill & Ben decided to play detective…….

They decided to stakeout Slowcoach’s house to catch the thief….but who could it be??

On their way to the stakeout,  they were startled by the HOOT! HOOT of an owl. Could Owl be the spectacle thief?

Nope …..they continued to hear strange noises throughout the night but they failed to find the thief.

Bill & Ben were absolutely exhausted but they weren’t about to give up looking for the thief.

They decided to camp outside Slowcoach’s house…..BUT they fell asleep!!

The following morning Slowcoach was livid that they were outside his house but FELL ASLEEP & failed to catch the spectacle thief.

Bill & Ben - A night to Remember - Internal Article Image

Slowcoach began to tell Bill & Ben about his sleepless night where he felt as if something was stuck in his shell. You guessed it !!!

After all that, Bill & Ben were too knackered to say anything!!!

What a night to remember.

Other Bill & Ben Title

  • Bill & Ben : The Very Speedy Thing

Rupert Bear: Rupert Builds a Nest

Retro Reading Fun with Postman Pat, Bill & Ben & Rupert Bear 2 rupert builds a nest

Rupert and his friends were walking through the Forest. Suddenly the tranquillity is disturbed by the Fox Twins Freddy & Freda!!

They almost knocked over Rupert and his friends Ming and Ping Pong with their scooters.

Rupert and his friends eventually made their way into the forest and engaged in a game of tag. During their game, they found a bird’s nest which had fallen out of a tree.

How could they get the nest back in the tree before the eggs hatch?

It’s time for some Magic!!

Rupert went looking for Raggety the Elf, who knows magic, but saw the Fox Twins instead. They confessed that the nest fell out of the tree as they whizzed their way through the forest. They were very apologetic!!

Raggety eventually appeared and scolded the naughty foxes.

He then set about fixing the nest with his magic. He cast a spell but instead of fixing the nest, the spell turned the foxes into birds. OOOPS!!

Rupert Bear: Rupert Builds a Nest

Rupert then had a clever idea…..why not use the ‘Fox Twins’ now the ‘Bird Twins’ to rebuild the nest? That’s exactly what they set about doing.

As the nest was almost rebuilt, it started to shudder and the eggs began to hatch.

What should they do? The nest was still on the forest floor!!

Luckily, Pig-Pong’s mum taught her a flying spell the night before. So quick as a flash,  she cast the spell & the nest began to fly and made its way back into the tree.

Suddenly there was another flash & the Bird Twins were turned back into the Fox Twins.

It wasn’t long before the eggs were hatched….and the baby birds’ mother was able to have the last laugh!!

Other Titles in the Series:

  • Rupert and the Star Girl
  • Rupert and the toy Soldiers
  • Rupert’s Undersea Adventure
  • Rupert’s Scooter Ride

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