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Your child may be able to read but how do you know that understand what they have read?

This book is excellent at helping children to develop and demonstrate an understanding of what they have read.

Through the concept of Content Levels (similar to Blooms Taxonomy) it allows children to engage with what they have read according to their ability:

Content Level 1 involves FINDING OUT: Recalling data, showing understanding through restating or extending ideas.

Children will be able to:

  • answer factual questions
  • interpret information
  • describe or illustrate events

Content Level 2 involves USING INFORMATION: Using information in a new situation through extending or breaking down concepts being studied.

Children will be able to:

  • Solve problems based on knowledge gained
  • make assumptions.

Content Level 3 involves CREATING / EVALUATING: Putting together ideas to develop new products, making judgments based on new information.

Children will learn to

  • put forward theories or original ideas and designs
  • form and state opinions on theories.

The content level approach offers exercises that would stretch and challenged those currently at level 3 and help those at levels 1 and 2 move up. Can be used at home to consolidate classroom learning or to provide extended activities in the classroom.

No of Pages: 40

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