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Reading story books with your child is a great way of developing their love of books. Once children experience the pleasure of immersing themselves in a storybook, they are well on their way to realising that there is so much they can gain from reading in general.

Of course, reading doesn’t have to be limited to reading stories.

There are a variety of ways you can help your child to develop reading skills, ranging from reading road signs when you’re out and about, to reading the shopping list you created together.

Our resource of the week, Storybook Stars, helps your child to develop ‘reading, thinking and understanding skills ’ via the use of storybooks. It begins by encouraging your child to choose the storybook they would like to read.  

Storybook Stars then help your child to develop a deeper understanding of that story.

This is done by dividing activities into three different content levels. Each level builds on the previous level.

Content Level 1 involves ‘Finding out’:  This is where your child is given an activity to recall what they have read, enabling them to demonstrate a basic understanding of it. Level 1 content is labelled with one slash ‘/’

Content Level 2 involves ‘Using Information’: This where your child would be encouraged to use the information in the story in a different way. Level 2 content is labelled with two slashes ’//’

Content Level 3 involves ‘Creating and Evaluating’: This is the most advance level. Your child would be able to put ideas together to create new ideas and make judgements based on those ideas. Level 3 content is labelled with three slashes ’///’

You are best-placed to know your child’s ability. The great strength of Storybook Stars is that it caters for a range of abilities.

You can chose if you prefer activities which are primarily, content level 1, content level 2 or content level 3. Or you can choose activities which mixes the different levels.

From using this excellent resource your child’s reading, thinking and understanding skills should develop simultaneously.

Storybook Stars is an instant download suitable for pupils  8-10 years old

Let us know how you get on 🙂

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