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This book is part of a series called Striving to Improve. This title focuses on Measurement and Geometry for students of lower ability and those who need further help in the consolidation of these crucial areas of Maths.

It is broken down into two main sections:

Angles – gives children the ability to review and name different types of angles. They will also get the opportunity to practise drawing angles and using them within a context. They would then progress on to classifying different types of angles and investigate angles in a triangle. Activities are aimed at building the confidence of lower ability students to be able to attempt more challenging problems suitable for their age.

Shapes And Mensuration – enables children to familiarise themselves with mass and capacity and  units of length. Activities help children to build up their knowledge of unit conversions through the use of mental strategies. Further activities explore perimeter and area of triangles and rectangles .

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No of Pages : 52

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