The Lonely Lion : Early Reader-Yellow Book Band (Hardcover)




Yellow Book Band Early Reader

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Remaining/Maximum Characters: 150/150


Little toy lion is lonely. VERY  lonely.

He’s finding it hard fitting in with the other toys because he doesn’t like the games they play.

They find him BORING! Would he eventually find someone to play with?

This book is part of an ‘early readers’ book band series aimed at building the reading confidence of young readers.

Each book includes guidance notes and discussion points for parents & teachers.

About Book bands: Book bands are a colour-coded method of grading books according to reading difficulty.

This book is in the yellow book band.

Books in the yellow book band are aimed at children aged 5-6.

These books set children on the way to reading confidence by exploring more varied sentence structure.

Each page could contain up to 3 sentences.


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