Thinking Creatively Bundle: Books 1-3 ( 3 Instant Downloads)


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Suitable for Ages 6-12


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Thinking Creatively is a series of 3 books aimed at developing and enhancing the creative skills of 6 – 12 year olds. Each book represents a ‘course’ in applied creative thinking.  As you make your way through the activities, you will find that your child’s creative thinking skills are increasingly developed and reinforced.

Creative thinking is fostered by developing children’s cognitive abilities (thinking ) and their affective abilities (feelings). These two crucial areas are developed as follows:

Cognitive abilities:

  • Fluency – A range of ideas are generated on the basis that more ideas would increase the chances of originality.
  • Flexibility – Children are encouraged to explore problems from a variety of perspectives; resulting in a range of solutions.
  • Originality – Creating new or unique solutions to problems or putting two known ideas together to create a third original one
  • Elaboration – Enhancing known ideas to create more interesting or exciting ones

Affective Abilities

  • Curiosity – Children are encouraged to be inquisitive and ‘wondering’ to explore solutions on the basis of Who? What? How?  Why?
  • Complexity – Seeking out sometimes difficult alternatives to what is already provided.
  • Risk Taking – Accepting that there may be more than one correct answer and making mistakes is not a sign of failure. Children are also introduced to the possibility of opening themselves up to criticism.
  • Imagination –  Children are encouraged to project their minds towards how others may be feeling, or to another place or time.  Thinking about things beyond real boundaries is also encouraged.

Books in this bundle:

  • Thinking Creatively Book 1 (Ages 10-12)
  • Thinking Creatively Book 2 (Ages 8- 10)
  • Thinking Creatively Book 3 (Ages 6-8 )

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