What is Poo? (A Book Review)

4 Minutes to Read -
What is Poo? (Usborne Lift -the-Flap)

Children seem to have an innate fascination with ‘Poo’. Whether it’s to tease their sibling by calling them a ‘poo-poo’ or when you ask them what they want for dinner they reply ‘Poo ! ’… there is no doubt they have a fascination with it.

Clearly, it could grate on your nerves a bit if your child’s response to every question is ‘poo’ so why not feed their fascination?

Guess what? We’ve got the perfect book to help you with that task.

What is Poo? is a lift-the-flap book which would help you to answer the following questions from your child:

  • What is poo?
  • Does everyone poo?
  • Where does poo go?
  • What do you do with poo?
  • Who did these poos?

This book adopts an extremely accessible approach to understanding a topic which could be, let’s  face it, rather unpleasant.

The book dives straight in (sorry!) by exploring what poo really is.

The answers are all hidden behind flaps which children can lift as they make their way through the book.

There are some fantastic child-friendly answers to the rest of the topics in this beautifully-crafted and illustrated book.

Your child will soon discover that it’s not just human beings who poo, in fact they’ll soon discover that birds, fish and insects do it too!

There are also bits of humour… kids would discover how much poo an elephant does and that it may not be a good idea to stand too close to a rhino’s rear end!

There are also great opportunities to use this book to introduce recycling and a bit of science to your child.

Where does poo go?

Under the topic Where does Poo Go? there is an exploration of the journey of your child’s poo through the sewage system from when it enters it via the toilet bowl to when it’s transported from the other end.

Your child’s next question could be What can you do with Poo?

What can you do with poo?

Fear not, your child will discover that there are several uses for their poo….ranging from adding it to soil for use as manure to drying it and using it to build living accommodation in some parts of the world.

If you fancy playing a game of ‘poo detective’ get stuck into the topic which explores Who did these poo?

You have to really know your s**t to be successful at this game 🙂

Who did these poos?

After looking at the clues, your child will be able to lift the flaps and discover if they’re correct.

This book is great for shared exploration with your child and written in a style which children aged 3+ will be able to engage with.

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