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This bundle is aimed at children who are gaining confidence at reading on their own.

It contains 3 books from Usborne Young Readers: Series Two and 1 A2 Book report template:

Series Two books are aimed at children who are gaining confidence at reading on their own.

Items in this Bundle:

The Incredible Present (Hardback)

What would you do if you had six wishes of your choice?

That’s a tough one isn’t it?

That’s the choice which faces Lilly when she has to decide on an incredible birthday present.

As one disastrous event follows another, will anything go right for Lilly?

The Story of Rubbish (Hardback)

Not all rubbish is rubbish!!

This fascinating book chronicles the story of rubbish from when there was no rubbish on earth to recycling and everything in between.

The Clumsy Crocodile (Hardback)

Poor Cassy the clumsy crocodile!

She proves to be a disaster when she is given a job at Everglades Department Store.

She leaves a trail of destruction amongst the food, toys & china.

Would she lose her job or would she turn out to be a bit of a hero?

My Book Report Poster Paper

Once your child has completed reading their books,  they can choose to do a book report using our A2 Poster Paper. A2 is twice the size of A3!

The Poster Paper is divided into four sections:

Section 1- explores children’s understanding of the key information about the book such as its title, author and genre. They can then begin to show their artistic flare by drawing the cover of the book they have read.

Section 2-  is the first part of a double page spread. Here, children can write a summary of their book. Of course the amount written would depend on your child’s ability

Section 3 – is the second part of the double-page spread. Here children get to design a bookmark for their book. They also have the opportunity to give written answers to formal questions about the book.

Section 4– is the final part of this resource. Here, children list five new words they have learnt and they must provide definitions for those words, a great way to start honing research skills!!

They are then asked to write their overall view of the book and provide a rating, based on five stars, for the plot, characters, vocabulary and overall rating.

Finally, children are asked to suggest a name for a sequel and explain what would happen in the sequel. They then round up their review by explaining what the book taught them.


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