12 Hi-Low Books for Struggling & Reluctant Readers – Set A (Paperbacks)


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Interest Ages 9+ to 12+ | Reading Ages 7+ to 9+

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A pack of 12 Hi-Low books specifically created for struggling and reluctant readers.

Key features of each book in this bundle:

  • suitable for struggling and reluctant readers
  • each page is printed on tinted paper & features dyslexia-friendly fonts and illustrations
  • suitable for use with children for whom English is not their first language.
  • questions to encourage further discussion
  • quiz time
  • advice on accessing further help and advice

Books in this bundle:

Breaking the Rules – Interest age 11+ | Reading Age 9+

Mo loathes school and her new town!

Her home life is awful and she doesn’t have any friends.

BUT she’s made a friend online….a friends who cares…..a friend who wants to meet up..

She agrees to meet up…after all nothing bad can come from meeting up with a friend can it?

A highly powerful tale of the dangers of social media, unhappiness and an exploration of real friendship.

Misfit – Interest Age 11+ | Reading Age 9+

George Turner is  an absolute misfit! He doesn’t even fit in with his family…

To make things worse…his older brothers are trying to make sure that he’s an outsider at his new school.

Everyone thinks he’ll never be cool and he’ll never get the girl… or will he?

A heart-warming take on black identity in modern Britain.

Rainbow Boots – Interest Age 9+ | Reading Age 7+

All kids in the school have a pair of Rainbow Boots…..well to be exact, all of them except Denzil!

He pretends that his boots are customised and soon becomes immersed in a web of lies.

The thing is….are the Rainbow Boots really worth the hassle?

The Bet – Interest age 11+ | Reading Age 8+

All the kids want to go on a school trip but non of them could afford it.

Zac, Becca, Kat & Ed decide they’d try and work for the money.

Soon it becomes a race of boys versus girls to see who can raise the most money….that’s when the trouble starts!

The Host -Interest age 11+ | Reading Age 9+

Nic’s friends laugh at him all the time!

Such as when he spills juice on himself at school and when he gets chased by a stray dog.

He can’t risk giving them another excuse to laugh at him, so when the boys visit a local haunted house after a party ,  Nic accepts a dare to go inside.

The trouble is, the boys don’t realise that this party has a host….and he isn’t friendly…

Welcome to The Street Series (4 books)

A 4-book series each featuring friends Kai, Lena, Sanjay & Chelsea.

Each friend’s story features a different topic but they all explore family, friendship and growing up.

Each title has an interest age of 12+ and a reading age of 9+.

Hover over each title for details of each story

  • Kai’s Story
  • Lena’s Story
  • Sanjay’s Story
  • Chelsea’s Story

The Football Trials Series (3 books)

A 3-book series featuring the life of football-loving Jackson.

Following his trials and tribulations as he makes his way out of the his high-rise council estate to life playing for premiership team United.

Each title has an interest age of 12+ and a reading age of 9+.

Titles  in the series:

  • Dangerous Play
  • All out Attack
  • Game Changer


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