12 Hi-Low Books for Struggling & Reluctant Readers – Set C (Paperbacks)



Reading Ages 8 – 9  | Interest Ages 9+ to 13 +

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A set of 12 Hi-Low books specifically created for struggling and reluctant readers.

Key features of each book in this set:

  • dyslexia-friendly layout
  • dyslexia-friendly typeface
  • dyslexia-friendly paper
  • edited to the reading age indicated for each title

Books in this set:

Test Trouble -Reading Age 8 | Interest Age 9+

A Maths test?  Oh no, what a nightmare!

Arun is absolutely set on avoiding a Maths test at school.

But how can he manage that?

Organising a protest against all tests throughout the school?

Faking an illness?

He’s willing to attempt anything, but perhaps he’s not alone in feeling this way.

And maybe, just maybe, it’s actually better to confront your fears in the end?

The Disconnect – Reading Age 8 | Interest Age 11+

Would you be able to go without using your phone for a whole six weeks? No sharing of photos, no group messaging, and no keeping up with social media?

A unique entrepreneur has set a challenge for Esther’s year group, and the winners will be rewarded with £1,000.

This prize could be Esther’s opportunity to afford flights and visit her dad and sister, who live thousands of miles away in New York.

But the question is: Can she stay disconnected for long enough to secure the win?

A Bad Day for Jayden -Reading Age 8 | Interest Age 9+

Jayden is facing some challenges lately. His mum seems extremely down and stays in bed all the time.

On top of that, he’s had a falling out with his best friend and is struggling to keep up with his schoolwork. Jayden genuinely wants to do the right thing, but it’s tough when everything seems to be going wrong.

When Miss Wilson arrives at Jayden’s school, she’s unsure if being a teacher is still the right choice for her. However, can they both support each other and turn this difficult day around?

Say no to the Dress -Reading Age 8 | Interest Age 11+

Fourteen year old Miri has been mugged of her puberty in the last year!

She has grown several inches, expanded in all directions, other parts of her body are out of control and she’s prone to eruptions of spots at random intervals.

She’s already feeling like she’s in a never-ending bad dream, and now she’s been tasked with being a bridesmaid for both of her siblings.

Two weddings and two bridesmaid outfits – could things possibly become any more challenging?

Experience the nightmare that life has become for her as she reluctantly takes on the role of bridesmaid not once, but twice!

With two weddings to attend and two bridesmaid dresses to wear, can things possibly get any worse?

Join her on a laugh-out-loud journey to the altar in a witty tale of family, friendship, and staying true to yourself, no matter what outfit you’re forced into!

The Humiliations of Welton Blake – Reading Age 8 | Interest Age : 11+

Welton Blake has achieved it – he’s mustered up the courage to invite Carmella McKenzie, the most attractive girl in school, on a date, and astonishingly, she has accepted!

However, just when he believes that his fortune, and his life, is about to take a turn for the better, Welton’s phone malfunctions, setting off a chain of unfortunate and embarrassing incidents.

He must dodge bullies, face confrontations with girls who are ready to fight him, and navigate through all the family drama involving his parents.

Life is about to take a sharp turn for the worse for poor Welton…

The Dog that Saved the World Cup- Reading Age : 8 | Interest Age 9+

Pickles the dog and his owner Elsie are huge football fans. They just received incredible news! The World Cup is going to be held in England, and Elsie’s team has a chance to play at Wembley during half-time. Of course, Pickles will be there to lend a paw!

However, life outside of football can be challenging, even though Dad does his best to provide for them. It often feels like it’s the three of them against the world, and right now, things aren’t going well.

But when a terrible setback occurs and Elsie’s dream of playing at Wembley is shattered, it’s up to Pickles to save the day and bring the World Cup back home!

Super Sub – Reading Age 8 |Interest 13+

Smithy, the new student, can’t quite grasp why there’s such a buzz surrounding a football team member named Bengo.

Bengo has missed the first few games of the season and starts the next match as a substitute, so how can he be that remarkable?

However, once Smithy finally witnesses Bengo in action, he quickly realises that Bengo is by far the most outstanding player he’s ever seen.

Bengo effortlessly delivers flawless crosses and skilfully exhausts the opposing team.

So, why is Bengo frequently left on the bench, and why does he occasionally struggle when faced with strong tackles?

The Den-Reading Age 8 | Interest Ages 11+

Marshall longs for an escape from the challenges at home, whereas Rory is thrilled that the summer holidays have finally arrived. During their bike ride, they unexpectedly discover an abandoned underground bunker at the edge of the woods.

This hidden spot, known as the den, will test the strength of their friendship as they venture inside. It will be a journey filled with competition and trust issues, but can they mend their broken bonds before the summer has even begun?

The Devil’s Angel -Reading Age 8 I Interest Age 13+

In the summer of Year 10, Dean bursts into John’s life, bringing both fear and excitement.

Their summer promises unforgettable adventures as two boys navigate rebellion, disaffected youth, and the intense bonds of teenage attachment.

Brace yourself for an utterly captivating teen drama!

Stitched Up – Reading Age 8+ Interest Age 11+

When Hanh gets offered a job at a shop in Hanoi, she thinks it will help her family.

But it’s a trick!

She ends up in a secret clothing factory where she must work really hard for long hours, eat bad food, and even face violence.

Hanh and her friends are stuck far away from home and they really want to escape.

But they can only be free if they take a risky chance and make a big sacrifice that will change their lives forever.

Wrath – Reading Age 8 | Interest Age 9+

Cassie Cotton has always had a unique personality, setting her apart – a quality that makes her even more fascinating to her classmate Fitz.

Cassie possesses the ability to detect a sound that eludes everyone else, and she is convinced that it signifies the Earth’s distress caused by human activities and resulting climate change.

As a consequence of her conviction, Cassie becomes the subject of ridicule and bullying at school, eventually vanishing without a trace.

Determined to locate her, Fitz embarks on a quest, uncertain of where to commence or if he will be able to offer his assistance in time…

Kerb Stain Boys – The Crongton Broadway Robbery  

Life on the Crongton estate can be tough for Briggy.

His dad has recently lost his job, his mum is always working hard to make ends meet, and his older brother Kingsley is desperate to escape.

However, Briggy’s closest friend, Terror, comes up with an exciting idea to impress the coolest girl in their year, Caldonia Lake.

Briggy doesn’t want to back down and risk losing his reputation.

Plus, there’s the possibility of making some quick money.

So, what’s Terror’s brilliant plan? To carry out a heist at the local post office.

What could possibly go wrong??



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