7 Interesting Questions parents ask about Hi-Lo books

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7 Interesting Questions parents ask about Hi-Lo books 7

What does ‘hi-lo’ stand for?

Hi -Lo is an acronym which stands for high interest, low reading level. These books cover a wide range of topics aimed at capturing a child’s interest but are written in an easy-to-read style. Illustrations are also a key feature of hi-lo books.

Some hi-lo books are also printed on dyslexia-friendly paper using dyslexia-friendly text.

What topics do hi-lo books cover?

Hi-lo books cover a wide range of interests and topics ranging from fiction to non-fiction.

Chances are, there is a hi-lo book to match your child’s interest.

Who are hi-lo books aimed at?

Hi-lo books are aimed at children who struggle to read, perhaps because they are dyslexic. They are also aimed at children who find reading ‘boring’ or a bit of a chore.

How do I choose hi-lo books for my child?

The key is to find a topic which your child is interested in.

Then select a hi-lo book to match that interest according to your child’s age and reading ability.

Hi-lo books are labelled with an interest age (IA) and a reading age (RA)

For example there may be a book about the solar system labelled ‘IA 11+  RA 9+’

This means that book is aimed at a child who is aged 11+ and has a reading age of 9+

How do I know my child’s reading age?

Working out your child’s reading age is not a straight forward task. A good starting point would be to consult with your child’s teachers because schools conduct diagnostic assessments to ascertain your child’s reading ability.

Are the illustrations in hi-lo books too childish?

Illustrations are age-appropriated so that your child would not feel that they are being patronised

Are there hi-lo books available as part of a series?

Hi-lo books do come in series. They are  great to maintain the interest of your child in a particular topic or story. Here’s an example of a wonderful series called The Streets which has an Interest age of 12+ and a reading age of 9+

Can you suggest some hi-lo books for us?

We stock a specially selected range of hi-lo books

Please give us your feedback on any hi-lo books you’ve used in the past.

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