Baby’s Very First Vehicle Books

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Baby's Very First Vehicle Books Article

Books on wheels! That’s exactly what these are. Each one of these books are on wheels that move, so once you’ve finished reading them, your child can play with them too.

The four books in this series are aimed at children age 1+:

Baby’s Very First Truck Book

Baby's very first truck book(Hardcover)

In this story, Cat, Badger and Dog work for Cat’s Delivery Service. They have to deliver some wonderful and exciting packages to different people. In the end, they have a very special package to deliver!

Cat, Badger and Dog help each other to deliver the packages and must work as a team. The bright and bold illustrations give your child plenty to look at and they can even have a guess at what the packages might have in them. While you’re reading you can encourage your child to count the number of packages being delivered, reinforcing counting and adding skills.

Baby's very first truck book(Hardcover) Internal 1

As your child develops a better understanding of the story, there are opportunities to ask lots of different questions. Here are some of the questions you could think about:

What a job do you think the characters in the book are doing? 

What other jobs do you think people do where they have to drive a vehicle?

How do you think the people in the book felt when they received their packages?

How many different animals did you see?

What job would you like to do and why?

These are just a few of the questions that you could use to help your child engage further with the story.

Baby’s Very First Train Book

Baby's very first train book (Hardcover)

A train journey can be very exciting for a child and this book will make it even more so!

Panda is the train driver and his train is full of passengers. As the train stops off at the city, some of the passengers get off. The train chugs along and at each stop, more passengers get off, but it seems like one passenger is enjoying their journey a lot more than the others and has decided to stay on the train!

This is a delightful and colourful book, full of things to look at.

Baby's very first train book - Internal 3

Again as your child develops a better understanding of the story, you could delve a little deeper using questions such as:

At the beginning of the story, rabbit can be seen running for the train. He is late but he makes it! Why do you think he is late?

How many passengers are on the train at the beginning of the story?

How many passengers have gotten off by the end?

How many are left on the train?

Where do you like to go on the train?

Where do you think the people on the train are going?

If your child is very young, you can use questions to help build vocabulary. Where is the rabbit? Can you see the red balloon? Where is the driver? Try to vary your questioning to challenge your child.

Baby’s Very First Bus Book

Baby's very first bus book

If you live in London, you’ll be used to seeing the iconic red buses. This story takes place on a big red bus. Lion is driving the bus and along the bus route, at each bus stop, he picks up lots of different passengers. They are all going somewhere very special!

Each page is packed with so many wonderful and colourful things to see, it’ll be a while on each page before you turn to the next as your child explores all the things going on.

Babys Very First Bus Book internal Page 2

Ask your child what they see along the journey, count the number of passengers and discuss where they would like to go. Maybe if your child hasn’t been on a bus yet, this book will help them feel safe about it and allow them to see it as an adventure!

Baby’s Very First Tractor Book

Baby's very first tractor book (Hardcover)

If your child loves farm animals, they will love this book.

Panda collects lots of farm animals in his tractor because he’s taking them somewhere special!

The pictures, again, in this book are faultless and there’s so much to see. Your child can learn the names of different animals, identify them in the pictures, count how many there are of each and see if they can add them together.

Baby's very first tractor book Internal Page 2

There’s so much you can do with this book and your child will love wheeling it around when they’re not reading it.

This series of books is so much fun!! Your child will love looking at the bright pictures and playing with these delightful, sturdy books.

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