Author: Mummy Macky

I am the mother of two little girls and I am also a SEN teacher. I enjoy experiencing the learning process with my girls which doesn't always happen in a formal way. I firmly believe that learning could take place at anytime & anywhere and most importantly, it should be fun!!

Getting your Child to Open Up

I have two daughters. One of them likes to tell me everything, the other one is very quiet. It can be very difficult to get much out of the younger one especially when I want to find out what she’s been up to at school. I’m sure a lot of you will understand what I’m …

Chores for Kids: Good or Bad?

When I ask my children to do any chores around the house I tend to be polite and always say, “Please babies, do you mind emptying the dishwasher?” My husband is constantly reminding me that the job will never get done if that’s how I ask . He demands I tell them by saying, “Go …

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