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It’s never too early to start reading with your baby. There’s an array of different books from high-contrast books, to touchy-feely books and noisy books.

I know what you’re all thinking when I said noisy books!

My kids have had a lot of noisy toys that have miraculously disappeared or, there are just no batteriesin the house to replace the dead ones! We’ve all done it and yes, noisy toyscan be a nuisance but let me finish!

Back to noisy books. Here’s why I love them.

They are not ‘just a toy’.Unlike those toys that you wish you’d never bought, noisy books are made for  reading. They noisy element of the book makes it feel more than just a book and adds an extra level of excitement for your child.

Noisy books also include fun and bright pictures. The pictures coincide with the noises and your child will learn to press the buttons to make the noises at the appropriate times. This really helps your child to follow the story and wait to press the correct sound at the correct time.

The noises also add an extra dimension and stimulate other senses. Books don’t usually come with noises so when they do, you know you’re all going to have fun reading.

We all want our children to develop good hand-eye coordination as it is crucial to developing fine motor skills. Noisy books allow children to practise this skill. Some books have one button, others have more. Your child will have to use their fingers to press those buttons and if there is more than one, they will have to identify the correct one and then press it.

Other than the fact that noisy books are fun, they also teach our children to learn and identify different sounds; from animal noises in the zoo to the noises that different vehicles make.

It can be great fun listening to them and then imitating them. Your child will think you’re crazy making monkey noises but trust me, they will have a great time watching and hearing you do it!

Noisy books come in all shapes and sizes and here are some of my favourites!

Noisy Trains, Noisy Tractors, Noisy Boats:

These brightly-coloured little books are wonderful for toddlers who love vehicles. They provide lots of information about different types of trains, tractors and boats. They describe  the different parts and their purposes and along the way, you can hear how they sound. Press the buttons below to hear the  noises from the books:

Books for Babies: Noisy Books 2 noisy train internal 1 1
Noisy Trains
Noisy Tractors
Noisy Tractors
Books for Babies: Noisy Books 3 noisy boat internal image
Noisy Boats

Noisy Town

I really love this book, I can imagine sitting round with the family looking at the pictures and listening to the sounds. Each page  has the most amazing illustrations with so much to see and since it’s a noisy town, there’s so much going on too! You will find so many different conversation starters on each page as well as finding out where the noises are coming from.

Books for Babies: Noisy Books 4 noisy town internal image 1
Noisy Town

Each page also has a tab at the top with a picture to help your child identify the correct sound they are looking for and match them up.  You could easily discuss with your child what other sounds there might be in the picture and what they might sound like.

At the end of the book, all the sounds come together on one page, what a noisy town!

Noisy Zoo

Just like Noisy Town, this book also has the tabs at the top of each page helping your child to identify the sounds they are looking for. I really love the illustrations in this book. There’s so much going on in each picture and all the animals have their own personalities.

Books for Babies: Noisy Books 5 noisy jungle internal image
Noisy Zoo

All the animals are so noisy at this zoo, you will love joining in with all their noise!


This one is for the dinosaur enthusiasts!

Not only is this book full of fun facts about different dinosaurs but imagine being able to hear what they might have sounded like too!

Dinosaur Sound Book
Dinosaurs Noisy  Book

This book is definitely different to other books about dinosaurs and brings them to life through sound and pictures.

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