Building Children’s Confidence in Maths

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Children may find it difficult to understand certain maths concept when they are first taught at school.

Sometimes,  sufficient time may not be spent on certain topics due to time constrains and some children will be left behind.

Lacking knowledge of basic maths concepts will have a detrimental effect on a child’s development of skills which they will require as they progress through the educational system.

The importance of learning those basic maths concepts mustn’t be underestimated. Children could eventually become frustrated and withdraw from engaging with maths altogether.

It is possible to work with your child to fill the gaps in learning and build their confidence with maths.

The Remedial Math and Maths Rescue series of books aim to address any fears or difficulties children may have understanding basic maths concepts.

Remedial Maths – Number

Building Children's Confidence in Maths 1 Remedial Number
For Ages 10+

This book is created to build children’s understanding of basic maths concepts in an age-appropriate way.

It is aimed at children aged 10+ and ensures that the style of each activity does not make them feel as if they are doing ‘baby work’ while at the same time ensuring that they focus on the previous stage of learning.

This will in turn build their self-esteem.

Basic number concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are explored in detail . Decimals are explored in detail as well as the relationship between decimals and percentages.

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Remedial Maths – Fractions

Remedial Maths Fractions -EducatorsDen
For Ages 10+

This book is the companion to Remedial Maths (Numbers) and is also aimed at children aged 10+

It takes the same approach by ensuring that filling the gaps in knowledge is done in an age -appropriate manner. 

This particular title concentrates on the basic concepts of fractions, including the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.

The activities are designed  and sequenced to provide students with the opportunity to catch up on much needed mathematical skills.

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The Maths Rescue Series

Maths Rescue Bundle
For Ages 11+

This 3-book series is designed primarily for children with specific learning difficulties ( SLDs) who are struggling to grasp basic maths concepts.

Each book in the series provides parents and teachers with information and support for children with the following Specific Learning Difficulties :

  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyspraxia

Children with the Specific learning difficulties listed above may experience some of the  following:

  • Having trouble with personal organisation of their schoolwork
  • Being able to sequence, recall and apply strategies in abstract situations
  • Difficulties with word recognition and comprehension
  • Coping with pages that are too cluttered and with too many differing requirements
  • Striving to process formation – while working to meet deadlines

Learning strategies, both for the classroom and at home, are provided to enable parents and teachers to build children’s confidence.

The books in the Maths Rescue series

Maths Rescue Book 1 covers  number, written calculations.

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Maths Rescue Book 2 covers measurement, chance & Data .

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Maths Rescue Book 3 covers number application

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All books explored in this article are listed below and are available as Instant Downloads which will be delivered to your inbox directly after purchase.

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