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For some, it’s an opportunity to remember all the people who fought for what we have today. For others it’s a time to remember those people who have battled through difficulties we couldn’t even comprehend so that we can live in the world we are in today.

In the UK, Black History Month is celebrated in October. In America it’s celebrated in February.

During this time we think about the slavery that built the West and those who gave up their lives and were forced to live in the most inhumane conditions.

We also celebrate their freedom and rejoice in what they have achieved.

Whether it’s October, February or June… let’s celebrate Black history, celebrate diversity, celebrate accomplishments and celebrate unity.

Here are some free resources for you to download and use with your children to help them understand what black people have achieved and been through in history

Please do share with us some of your children’s completed work and how they got on.

Downloadable Black History Activities 

Celebrating Black History 1 MARY SEACOLE Cover 1

[download id=”9997″]

Celebrating Black History 2 Dr Mae Jemison Cover 1

[download id=”10002″]

Celebrating Black History 3 Olaudah Equiano Cover 1

[download id=”10007″]

Celebrating Black History 4 Daniel Hale Williams Cover 1

[download id=”10010″]

Celebrating Black History 5 Rosa Parks Cover 1

[download id=”10013″]

Celebrating Black History 6 Lewis Howard Latimer Cover 1

[download id=”10016″]

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