Climate Change for Beginners (Hardback)




Suitable for age: 10+

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Climate change has caused a huge problem for our planet – it’s now a full-blown Climate Crisis.

This book breaks it down for children using simple words and beautifully crafted illustrations pictures.

Helps children to explore:

  • How does the climate actually work?
  • What are we doing to mess it up?
  • What can we do differently to stop the worst from happening?
  • Why is change so difficult?

The Climate Crisis is a pretty worrying and delicate subject, especially for children.

But don’t worry, this book has some extremely useful tips on how to set achievable goals and not let all the bad news get them down.

Plus, you’ll find handy website links for further exploration.

Product Information:

  • TITLE: Climate Change for Beginners
  • ISBN: 9781474979863
  • AUTHORS: Eddy Reynolds & Andy Prentice
  • BINDING: Hardback
  • PUBLISHER: Usborne Publishing Limited 

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