Develop Language & Communication Skills with Talking Products

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Developing communication and language skills is vital for young children. This could be done in many ways. The resources selected below are from a range called Talking Products.

They can be used creatively to help children at the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to develop those essential skills.

These resources can also be used with older children and learners with special needs.

The Talking Photo Album

Talking Photo Album-1-EducatorsDen

This resource gives children the opportunity to record an 18-second message on each of the 20 pages giving a total recording time of 6 mins.Talking Photo Album-2-EducatorsDen

The possible uses for this album are limitless! For example you could use it as part of EYFS Communication and Language (Speaking) where children create drawings and record an 18-second description of each drawing.

Conversely, it can be used by parents and teachers to record instructions, supported by pictures, for children to follow. Older children can also use it as part of projects they are doing at school. For example, your child may be doing a project on WWII.  They could provide verbal descriptions to  photos and even record sounds of air raid sirens.



Talking Tins: Recording Device


Talking Tins 20 secs EducatorsDen

The Talking Tins recording device enables you to record and play back up to 20 seconds of sound and you can re-record your sound at any time which means you can use this device over and over again!!

Built-in magnets provide you with the ability to stick the device to any metal surface or an optional strap enables you to strap it safely to any object. Again the possible uses for Talking Tins are limitless!!

They can also be used as part of EYFS Communication & Language and Literacy  or they can be used as an aid for visually impaired pupils. For example, why not use Talking Tins as part of a treasure hunt by recording clues on a number of tins and place them in strategic locations? Children will then be able to follow the clues which would lead them to the treasure!!


Talking tins also comes in red and gives you 40 seconds of recording time 


Talking Tins 40 Secs EducatorsDen



Talking Tins: Practical Speaking & Listening Activities (Book1)

This book contains a range of exercises aimed at helping you to use the Talking Tins Recording device with children aged 4-7.Talking Tins Activity Book-EducatorsDen

It provides you with activities and photocopiable resources which you can use to:

  • Enhance speaking and listening skills.
  • Enhance the learning environment e.g creating talking displays.
  • Support confidence with words e.g sequencing stories.
  • Support the development of writing e,g creating stories.

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