Author: Jamal

I am the father of four beautiful daughters whose age range span the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors. I am also a Lecturer in the Foundation Learning department of a further education college. Foundation Learning departments cater for children who have not been successful at their GCSEs by helping them to make a 'fresh start' in education. Often, the reasons for a child's lack of any basic educational success could be traced back to a weak start at primary school. It is my contention that a strong foundation in education is key to a child's success. This hopefully would prevent them having to make a fresh start in education later on.

EducatorsDen Launches Downloadable Teaching Resources

EducatorsDen is excited to announce the launch of downloadable teaching resources for parents and teachers. We will be collaborating with top international publishers to bring you teaching materials which are being used by parents and teachers around the world. These materials will help you to provide extra support to your early years and primary school …

Develop Language & Communication Skills with Talking Products

  Developing communication and language skills is vital for young children. This could be done in many ways. The resources selected below are from a range called Talking Products. They can be used creatively to help children at the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to develop those essential skills. These resources can also be used …

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