Five Favourite Fairy Tales – A Language Adventure Based on Well Known Fairy Tales (Instant Download)



Suitable for Ages 6-9

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Five well-known fairy tales are used to help children to develop the ability to find, use and analyse information. The fairy tales used are Cinderella, Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Jack & the Beanstalk, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

The book uses a concept called Content Levels which is an adaptation of Blooms Taxonomy

In short, it allows children to engage with text at a level which matches their ability:

Content Level 1 involves FINDING OUT: Recalling data, showing understanding through restating or extending ideas.

Children will be able to:

  • answer factual questions
  • interpret information
  • describe or illustrate events.

Content Level 2 involves USING INFORMATION: Using information in a new situation through extending or breaking down concepts being studied.

Children will be able to:

  • Solve problems based on knowledge gained
  • make assumptions.

Content Level 3 involves CREATING / EVALUATING: Putting together ideas to develop new products, making judgements based on new information.

Children will learn to

  • put forward theories or original ideas and designs
  • form and state opinions on theories.

Don’t worry if your child is currently at level 1 or 2 activities are designed to give them the skills to get to level 3. If your child is already at level 3, the level 3 activities are designed to stretch them even further.

Each story contains activities at all three levels:

  • Level 1 activities are marked with one asterisk *
  • Level 2 activities are marked with two asterisks **
  • Level 3 activities are marked with three asterisks ***

No of Pages: 64

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