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Mog the forgetful cat -Educatorsden

Mog the Forgetful Cat is a delightful little story written by Judith Kerr, the author or The Tiger Who Came to Tea. It is a story about a cat who is always getting under mum and dad’s feet and getting herself into trouble; she is quite a nuisance!

She has a very absentminded nature and a childlike mind-set, which makes the reader feel sorry for her as do the children, Debbie and Nicky, from the story. When Mog gets herself into trouble, Debbie is always there to defend her and Nicky is ready with open arms to give Mog a comforting hug.

This reminds me of when I was a little girl and we had a little cat, but my mum didn’t quite like her and would get annoyed when she saw her. My siblings and I would always take our little cat and hide her in our bedroom to keep her safe and make her feel loved, which is all that Mog really wants.

The story takes a turn for the worse when Mog climbs into Debbie’s room and gets on her bed, while at the same time Debbie is asleep and having a horrible nightmare about being eaten by a lion. Debbie wakes up and screams which frightens Mog, and poor Mog is being blamed again. Mog runs out of the house and feels so sad and alone but there is a twist…

Mog saves the day when she manages to stop a burglar! She is rewarded with a medal and Mog could not be happier.

The book is brilliantly illustrated with some amazing pop-ups and flaps that lift to reveal even more pop-ups.

Mog the Forgetful Cat EducatorsDen

This story can be enjoyed by all EYFS and year 1 children and it is particularly good for beginner readers. It covers aspects of making relationships, managing feelings and behaviour, having a sense of belonging and family values. It also allows children to learn that we all make mistakes and it doesn’t mean we’re bad people if we do; just like mum and dad thought of Mog each time she forgot something but Debbie and Nicky saw the good in Mog.

Now as an adult, I have my own little pet cat too and my daughters adore her. When I read the story of Mog the Forgetful Cat to my children, they recognised the importance of respecting animals and that our cat is also a part of our family with needs like we have… although my youngest isn’t too sure when the cat is around.  Work in progress… she has a little way to go!

This book is definitely on my recommendation list. Children and adults alike love reading this story and many of you probably remember it as a child… like I do!

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