That’s not my Kitten : A Wonderful Touch & Feel Book

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That’s Not My Kitten is a wonderful touchy-feely book and is a part of the ‘That’s Not My…’ series. I chose to review this particular book as it is one of my daughter’s favourite books. My daughter is two years old now but still loves having this book read to her. She has loved the series since she was a few months old.

The pages are bright and colourful, and the different touchy-feely textures are great! My daughter will feel the textures on each page and will now describe the texture, repeating the adjectives read out on the page, “Mummy, this one is smooth.” The illustrations on each page are quite simple making it easy for young children to take in all the information on the pages. My daughter likes to spot the mouse on each page, and she’ll name the other things such as the butterflies and flowers, brilliant for practicing and learning words.

Each page begins with the text, ‘That’s not my kitten…’ The last page is when the kitten has been found and it has a lovely fluffy tummy which is a wonderful texture for the little ones to feel. This repetition of the sentences keep young children captivated because they want to know when that will change to, ‘That’s My Kitten!” Soon they are also able to predict what is going to be read on the next page allowing them to join in with the reading.That's not my kitten inner page eyfs

My daughter has had this book for a long time and she has really put it through a lot, from chewing and dribbling on it, to throwing it around, yet the book has stood the test of time and is still in one piece!

What I also love about this book is that the pages are fairly thick and quite easy for little fingers to turn the pages; young children can start putting their gross motor skills into practice.

All these touchy-feely books are wonderful for young ones and include titles such as ‘That’s Not My Fairy,’ ‘That’s Not My Lion,’ ‘That’s Not My Robot’ and many more.

I hope your little ones will enjoy this book and others in the series as much as mine does.  😉

Mummy Mac


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