Speedy Stories in 366 Words

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WoW 366 Speedy Stories in Just 366 Words EducatorsDenI would like to introduce you to a book that is great to help get your child interested in reading. It is called WOW! 366.

This book has an array of stories and poems from a variety of authors such as, Anne Fine, Michael Murpurgo and Charlie Higson – and all the stories are just 366 words long! It really does give you a taste of the different styles of writing and if your child likes what they read, there are recommended stories for them from the various authors.

Reading is an important skill to have, not only because we need to read to further ourselves in education, or just because it is an important life skill to have, but reading allows us to experience different worlds without having to leave the comfort of our own homes.

With time being so valuable these days, it can often be difficult to find time to read with our children. But just ten minutes a day can make a big difference. This book allows you to pick up and go, whether it is a few minutes of quiet reading just before dinner or a bedtime story. I would like to tell you about some of the stories in this book; stories that I have enjoyed as much as my own children.


The first story I found particularly interesting, and open to discussion and interpretation, is called The Line by Livi Michael. The story is about two boys, Ryan and Danny. Ryan uses a stone to draw a blue line, from building to building and lamppost to lamppost, until the blue line zigzags through the air. Danny finds the line and follows it until he ends up meeting Ryan and it’s now his turn to draw the line. This story could be about walking in other people’s shoes, or knowing that someone else has been through what you are going through, or even how your imagination can take you anywhere. Let me know what you think!

A favourite of my daughter’s is called, Hairy Sticky Tape by Mariam Vossough. Another story in just 366 words! It’s a beautifully told story about a little girl who loves her dog, Spotty. She talks about how Spotty has helped her through her parent’s divorce and her emotional attachment to him but she is heartbroken when he is hit by a car. Things are made worse by having to wait to find out whether he will be coming home or not. While Spotty is away, the little girl collects Spotty’s fur on a piece of sticky tape and treasures it. There is good news at the end though. This is a great story for children to start to understand the importance of pets and how they are a part of the family. The story goes through an array of emotions and keeps you hanging on to find out what happens next. My daughter said that this one really got her emotional and I can see why!

There are many more stories in this book and although they are short, it is easy to see how children can really get their teeth into them.

Other titles in the book include, The Treasure Cat by Jane Johnson, The Babysitter’s Bottom by Ian Whybrow and The Fairy Cupboard by Mariam Vossough, plus many, many more!

Why not pick up a copy and enjoy!

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