Giraffe is Left Out – A Book About Feelings (Behaviour Matters) – Paperback


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  • TITLE: Giraffe is Left Out – A Book About Feelings (Behaviour Matters)
  • ISBN: 9781445147192
  • AUTHOR: Sue Graves & Trevor Dunton
  • BINDING: Paperback
  • PUBLISHER:  Franklin Watts 

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This book is part of a series entitled ‘Behaviour Matters!’ aimed at encouraging good behaviour in young children.

Key Features of each book in the series:

  • Encourages good behaviour in children using a themed-story.
  • Provides guidance for parents and teachers on how to use the book.
  • Provides ideas on a range of after-reading activities

About this title..

Leopard is new to the school which giraffe and other animals attend. Giraffe has not been friendly to leopard since he joined the school

Now giraffe is upset because he hasn’t been invited to leopard’s birthday party.

Everyone, except giraffe is going!!!

Is it too late for leopard and giraffe to be friends?

This story provides children with the opportunity to explore other people’s feelings and what makes them feel left out.

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