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Weather is part of an Earth & Life Science Series which provides children aged 6-9 ( key stages 1 & 2) with materials to give them a scientifically holistic understanding of their world and their place in it.

The book is decided into 2 sections:

Section 1 – ‘Using Information’ Activity Pages- This section  explores important factors about the weather. For example, What makes the weather? Here children learn that weather has a huge effect on the way they live their lives from determining the clothes they wear to the way they spend their leisure time. They will then complete a series of activities to reinforce what they have learnt. Other topics in this section range from ‘Weather Forecasting’ to ‘The Seasons’

Section 2- General Activity Pages -This section provides children with a range of fun practical activities to further consolidate their knowledge of the weather. Activities range from ‘Making Clouds’ to ‘Making Rainbows’.

Teacher’s notes are provided to guide you through each activity.

No of Pages: 44

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